U.S. Army Universal Camouflage Pattern a 5 billion dollar flop

A revolutionary new pixelated camouflage uniform has failed. Perhaps you can buy one soon in a surplus store! See this article.

Researchers at the Natick Soldier Center said that the uniform that debuted in 2004 turns out to be visible in most every environment rather than hiding soldiers. The researchers claim Army officials interfered in the contract process and chose on the basis of looks and politics rather than evidence that the pattern was better than others.

The pattern called the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) is being replaced by a new pattern called MultiCam.

An Army Specialist noted:“Essentially, the Army designed a universal uniform that universally failed in every environment,” “The only time I have ever seen it work well was in a gravel pit.” He noted that he could see his own troops across considerable distances in most environments.

One wonders how such a pattern was adopted without extensive testing beforehand to see if it actually worked. For more see this article No doubt by now the Army will have gone through a lot of uniforms and whoever produced them created jobs while no doubt making a good profit courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.


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