Yemen; Army represses separatists in Aden

In the news emphasis is upon the retaking of territory especially in Abyan province from Islamic militants. However, another military operation is going on against separatists in Aden.
Aden was at one time the capital of a separate secular state supported by the former Soviet Union. Many southerners feel that the central government does little for them and want to be independent again.
After a public protest calling for succession the area of Mansoura has been continually harassed by the military. In mid June protests were crushed now people are so afraid of being shot if they go out on the streets that they stay in their homes for the most part.
Though secessionists have held mostly peaceful protests they are attacked by authorities almost as vigorously and violently as Islamic militants. Yemen also faces northern Shiite separatists the Houti in the far north. For more see this article.


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