Average number of Britons killed in a year by terrorists same as that from bee and wasp stings 5

David Anderson is the U.K. Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. He claims that U.K. anti-terror laws could be relaxed as no one has been either killed or injured in a terrorist attack in the last two years.

Anderson wrote:"Whatever its cause, the reduction of risk in relation to al-Qaeda terrorism in the United Kingdom is real and has been sustained for several years now," Average deaths per year over the period studied by Anderson in England and Wales was 17,201 killed in traffic accidents, 29 people drowned in bathtubs.

The number killed by terrorists was five the same number killed by bee and wasp stings. However an average of 102 British personnel were killed in Afghanistan as well. No doubt critics of Andersen would say that the stringent laws and sacrifices in Afghanistan are responsible for the very few deaths by terrorist activity.

Anderson was critical of new anti-terror laws passed almost incessantly since 9/11. The director general of M15 countered Anderson by claiming that at 200 Britons were known to be currently receiving training at terrorist camps in the Middle East. Perhaps M15 should tell president Obama so he can send in some drones to help get him reelected in November. For more see this article.


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