African states seek UN resolution authorizing military intervention in Mali

The northern part of Mali has been taken over by Tuareg rebels and Islamists. The Tuareg have declared the area the independent state of Azawad. However no country has recognized the state as yet.

ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) has requested a UN resolution that would legitimize military action against the northern rebels. A Security Council diplomat said:"It's going to take some time before the Security Council is in a position to approve outside intervention in Mali," "It's not that we're opposed, it's just that there are many questions about how it would be done that need to be answered first." The African Union has also requested a resolution that would sanction intervention.

The original coup that overthrew the democratic president of Mali was motivated partly by the fact that the Mali government had not put down the rebellion in the north. However the coup itself led by a U.S. trained captain created conditions which allowed the rebels to consolidate their hold on the entire northern part of the country. Now it appears that the transitional government is intent on getting outside help to drive out the rebels and retake the territory.. There seems to be no talk of negotiations. Expect a long and bloody war supported by the U.S. France and other western powers. For more see this article.


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