Oil Billionaire Harold Hamm to head Romney Energy Adviser Group

The 66-year-old Hamm is CEO of Continental Resources Inc. (CLR). Hamm ranked 36th on Forbes magazine list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. His stake in Continental Resources alone is worth 11.2 billion.

It is only fitting that the rich Republican front runner should look to the advice of the one per cent on energy policy. Romney has been busy attacking Obama's energy policies which he claims have increased energy prices. Of course Romney perhaps did not notice that it is Iran policies and problems in Syria and other oil-producing countries that are causing prices to rise. However with gasoline prices hitting $3.56 U.S. a gallon and Obama in power that is probably enough to convince some people it is Obama's doing.

Hamm said:"Mitt's goal of cheap, plentiful energy for the American economy offers the American people a stark alternative to President Obama's goal of driving prices higher," Romney wants to streamline the approach to regulation that would include excluding carbon dioxide from regulation!

Romney spouted the Republican line on Obama whom he claims follows a "course of restricting supply, increasing regulation, and hoping for miraculous new technologies to save the day," Romney would of course abandon such a policy. For more see this article.


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