Justin Raimondo on the death of Shaima Alawadi

Justin Raimondo is a well known U.S.libertarian and editorial director of Antiwar.com. He writes of the killing of the 32 year old Iraqi woman Shaima Alawadi and of hate of Muslims.

Alawadi's teenage daughter found her mother dead in a San Diego suburb El Cajon California. Someone broke in and beat the woman to death with a tire iron. A note was left next to the body that said:“Go back to your own country, you terrorist.”

Raimondo notes that this type of hate is not new in San Diego. In 2010 there were protests over a plan to build a mosque in Temecula near by.. A woman in a hijab was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane because the pilot felt uncomfortable about her being on the flight. Last year a Muslim cab driver who was observed praying was repeatedly punched. As Raimondo sums up there is a cloud of hate darkening the otherwise sunny skies of this California town.

Raimondo refers to a video that I have included as a sign of the hatred in the area. The video shows an inter-religious charity event for the homeless. Children and women in hijabs walk into the place where the event was being held. The crowd shouts: "Go home, go home, go home." This is the same message that was left beside Alawadi's body.

Raimondo believes that the U.S. is becoming a society where sickness is quickly becoming a norm. Not just mental sickness he believes but a moral sickness. As grounds for saying that it is becoming a norm is the fact that no one is surprised by such events as Aalwadi's brutal murder any more.

Many of these hate groups consider themselves Christians and model Americans. Raimondo points out the incongruity that a religion based on love and turning the other cheek in effect turns to vicious hatred of other religions. For the rest of the story see the entire article.

As usual Raimondo often uses fiery rhetoric and perhaps exaggerates in making his case. The video attached is itself a confirmation of the points that Raimondo makes. However the very fact that the video shows a charity event for the homeless shows there is another side of America.



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