India's purchase of Iranian oil brings protests from the U.S.

India has managed to forge a good relationship with the West especially the U.S. Now the U.S. is putting pressure on India to stop purchasing Iranian oil. However that oil is key to India's continued economic growth.
Through support for India the U.S. is able to provide a check to Chinese influence in the Asia-Pacific area. To damage relations with India over the purchase of Iranian oil would be very short-sighted in the view of some analysts.
Sreeram Chaulia of the Jindal School of International Affairs notes:“In the last ten years, if the Unites States has achieved anything of strategic value in Asia, it is the closeness with India,” “And I don’t think it would want to jeopardize all that for the sake of punishing Iran.” Chaulia went on:“It would be strategic suicide on the part of the United States to actually go ahead and impose sanctions on Indian companies,” However perhaps many U.S. politicians will demand that Obama bring India in line and punish the country for opposing the boss.
However another analyst noted that the U.S. has already had some success in putting pressure on India. Some Indian companies have withdrawn investment from Iran and financial organisations are struggling to reroute their financial dealings due to sanctions. For more see this article.


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