Libya: Video shows caged black Africans seemingly forced to eat Gadaffi flag

This video purports to show black Africans in a zoo type cage. They are taunted and apparently forced to eat the green Gadaffi flag.

Those in the cage have their hands bound and the green flags in their mouths. The voice off camera screams out:"Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience. God is Great," It seems as if the captives are also made to stand up with the cloth in their mouths and start jumping.

Many black Africans were in Gadaffi's armed forces or worked as mercenaries. However many others were simply migrant workers caught in the civil war.. As Amnesty International put it many migrants and refugees"became targets of stigma, discrimination and violence," .

Many blacks were able to flee into Mali and Niger but 5,000 have been detained by the new government.

Some of the black migrants managed to flee into neighboring Mali and Niger, but more than 5,000 were detained. They face mass execution, beatings, and revenge killings, according to an Al Jazeera report published back in September..

Libya was host to about a million black workers. There were many doing domestic work, construction, and low wage jobs in general. For more see this article.


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