German chancellor supports Sarkozy against Hollande in French presidential elections

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel avoids meeting with Francois Hollande the Socialist Party leader who is leading in the French presidential race. She is a strong supporter of Nicolas Sarkozy's bid for re-election. However Sarkozy is not popular and is trailing in the polls.

Apparently other conservative leaning governments in Europe are also going to give Hollande the cold shoulder. As well as Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK hope that Hollande fails in his bid. According to Der Spiegel Merkel met with both Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and the Spanish prime minister and they agreed not to meet with Hollande.

The group are angry at Hollande because he says that he wants to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed to by all but two EU members. The agreement on fiscal discipline is a key plank in Merkel's plan to save the Euro.

The German Foreign Minister worries about Merkel's intervention in French presidential politics. Hollande seems likely to win in France. As a result Merkel and others who oppose Hollande will find themselves having already alienated an important leader they will be forced to work with. For many the best policy is to remain strictly neutral and stay out of the politics of France. For much more see this article in Der Spiegel.


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