Satirical Israeli ad mocks Iran and Mossad

The Israeli government had nothing to do with the ad nor did Samsung whose tablet was featured in the ad. However, the ad produced a furor both in Israel and in Iran. Iran has even threatened to ban the sale of Samsung products!

The ad may have been in bad taste but it was certainly creative. Not only Iran's nuclear program is the subject of the satire but also Mossad.

The ad was produce by a cable company HOT. The ad features cross-dressing Mossad agents who blow up an Iranian nuclear facility. They use a Samsung tablet for detonation. It has what you would call a mystery explosion ap on it!

It seems HOT is now in hot water both with Israel, Iran, and also Samsung. So far there have been no complaints from cross-dressers. I have included a video of the ad with English subtitles. For more see this article.


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