UN report: 60 civilians killed in Libya NATO air strikes

A report released by the UN Human Rights Council concludes that NATO air strikes killed 60 civilians and wounded 55. NATO had insisted it had not killed or wounded a single civilian and that every attack was against a legitimate military target. The full article can be found here. I had not realized that NATO made these claims but then the same accuracy claims are made about drone attacks in Pakistan.

The report did say that the air campaign was mostly precise but also said that the alliance refused to provide information on attacks that killed civilians. Some attacks did not seem to have any evident military target.

One wonders how accurate even this report is. Presumably many Libyans would not be anxious to provide any information that discredited the forces that helped them win over Gadaffi. The report also noted that there were serious human rights violations by members of anti-Gadaffi factions. These groups participated in the same sorts of crimes as Gadaffi loyalists.


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