Noam Chomsky: At least Obama is somewhere in the real world

There is an interview with the long time leftist analyst Noam Chomsky in the Digital Journal. There are several videos also with Chomsky. Chomsky notes "I'm not a great enthusiast for Obama, as you know, from way back, but at least he's somewhere in the real world." The Republican candidates for 2012 he says are: "Off the International Spectrum of Sane Behavior."

Along with many others Obama wishes there were another candidate to choose from. Even many Republicans seem to feel that way. Chomsky is aghast at the state of U.S. politics:"Politics in this country now is in a state that I think has no analogue in American history and maybe nowhere in the parliamentary system. It's astonishing."

He notes that major Republican candidates have denied climate but he notes sarcastically that Michelle Bachmann admitted it might be happening but that it was God's punishment for allowing gay marriage or something like that! Other countries wonder what is going in the U.S. He said:" I just came back from Europe, where people just can't believe what they're seeing here, what people are saying."

While lambasting most of the Republican candidates on every issue Chomsky nevertheless picks out Ron Paul as having some ideas that make good sense. However Chomsky says the Republican establishment will never allow him to be the candidate. For much more see this article.


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