World's Most EVIIL leaders Coming to NY for UN General Assembly

Ahmadinejad just happens to president of Iran a member of the United Nations. He was elected president. While certainly the election process has notable defects he is hardly a despot. As a matter of fact he is probably not any more powerful than Khameni. No doubt Chavez and Ahmadinejad wonder why thugs such as Bush who invade other countries in violation of International Law should be allowed to speak to the UN. Chavez might wonder why the Devil is allowed to address the UN!

"World's Most Evil Leaders Coming To New York For UN General
Assembly....USA Should Not Be Giving Credibility To Thugs"
Says Syndicated columnist, Terrorism expert, and Middle East analyst
Micah Halpern

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad To Speak Before Departing For
Venezuela To Meet With President Hugo Chavez

NEW YORK, September 17 - The 62nd United Nations General Assembly
begins meetings in New York on September 18, and terrorism expert and
Middle East analyst Micah Halpern questions why despotic leaders like
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, deemed by Halpern as a "classic thug"
and "a master at manipulating the media" who last year stood at the
rostrum, may be permitted once again into the US to attend and speak
in front of the UN. Halpern, author of the new book Thugs: How
History's Most Notorious Despots Transformed The World through
Terror, Tyranny, and Mass Murder, poses necessary questions to our
government as to why those in support of terrorist policies are
continually allowed to participate in democratic global affairs.

"Many modern day thugs and their emissaries, some of the most evil
despots alive today, will be arriving in New York in the next two
weeks. Why are these most evil of world leaders even allowed entry
into the United States?," asks Halpern. "Everyone is invited to
address the United Nations Assembly - leaders of free nations, of
monarchies, and of dictatorships. By allowing these thugs to be a
part of a public, international, renowned forum are we legitimizing
their actions and deeds?"

The UN General Assembly has maintained a prominent forum for pressing
issues on the international political agenda for the past six
decades, brInging together world leaders for discussion and debates
that greatly shape global policies. On this year's provisional
agenda, issues including the maintenance of international peace and
security, the promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable
development, the development of Africa, the environment, and
disarmament, will take center-stage. Meetings have taken place at the
United Nations headquarters in New York, though as Halpern points
out, at one time the UN moved the GA to Europe in a gesture of
solidarity when Yasser Arafat was denied entry into the US. Many
leaders also share Halpern's disapproval, and Mitt Romney, Republican
presidential candidate, as well as John Bolton, the former US
ambassador to the UN, support Ahmadinejad's indictment for genocide.

Adds Halpern: "The US and the UN have a problematic relationship. One
of the very tense aspects of that relationship is that all world
leaders are supposed to be permitted entry to the US in order to
address the United Nations. The UN believes that all voices including
evil voices need be represented. They think that by casting the
widest net, more good can evolve, that negotiations and improvements
can occur. But the US has never accepted that principle. As a freedom-
loving country, by attending and allowing despotic leaders into our
borders, we give credibility to these despots."

Micah D. Halpern is a frequent analyst on network television and
radio in the areas of terror, the Middle East and Muslim
Fundamentalism. Halpern, a syndicated columnist, is also a well known
social and political commentator, educator, and historian. He
lectures frequently on issues relating to terror, foreign affairs,
Israel and the Middle East, as well as wine history, and popular
culture. He is also author of several books, including What You Need
To Know About: Terror, and his latest Thugs: How History's Most
Notorious Despots Transformed The World through Terror, Tyranny, and
Mass Murder, a "who's who" of the most horrific despotic leaders that
examines the motives and operational styles of the most vile and
heinous movers and shakers of Europe, the Middle East and Asia
throughout history. He also maintains The Micah Report>


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