Syria reacts to suggestions of nuclear co-operation with North Korea

Apparently the intelligence the US is losing is Israeli. Israel is not above manufacturing evidence for its own purposes. This is from AFP and
Of course the article fails to mention that Israel already has nuclear facilities and weapons.

Syria warns of US 'lies' over Israel air violation

DAMASCUS, Sept 16 (AFP) Sep 16, 2007
An official Syrian daily warned on Sunday that US "lies" over nuclear cooperation with North Korea could serve as a pretext for an attack on Syria following an Israeli violation of its airspace.
"Members of the choir have started up a new song that is full of hostility, this time about Syrian-Korean nuclear cooperation," Ath-Thawra said. "This is a big lie... Syria is used to having to put up with such lies."

The Washington Post reported last Thursday that North Korea may be helping Syria build some kind of nuclear facility, citing unnamed intelligence sources.

Israel's secret service had relayed the information to the US government, which the Post described as "dramatic."

"This is nothing new, accusing Syria of things that it has nothing to do with... But what is new is the scope of the new lie and the way it is being peddled," said Ath-Thawra.

Syria has said its air defences fired on Israeli warplanes which dropped munitions deep inside its territory in the early hours of September 6, triggering intense media speculation about the action.

Israel has not confirmed the incident and kept up a policy of official silence, with the only details on the mysterious attack coming from foreign media reports citing anonymous officials.


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