US officers meet regularly with PKK terrorists in Iraq

Anyone with eyes can see the total hypocrisy of the US with respect to its relations with groups that it calls terrorists. If they are useful to US policy the US will not try to eliminate them as the war on terror would demand but instead negotiates with them to serve US ends. This exposes the moral bankruptcy of the war on terror.
The US view of itself as fighting evil is entirely bogus as is shown by the fact that the same groups of jihadists that were once heroes in the fight against Evil when the Evil Empire was the Devil of the Day are now themselves the Evil Demons and Islamofascists who are the target in the morality play called the War on Terror. The jihadists haven't changed throughout all this just their relationship to the US: allies are good, enemies evil. US propaganda embodies a form of moral nihilism that makes use of US citizens belief in the moral uprightness of their country to sell aggression and US hegemony worldwide.
This is fromo a Turkish newspaper.Daily Telegraph: US Officers Have Regular Meetings with PKK Terrorists Print

Tuesday , 11 September 2007

* By Taner BAYCAN (JTW)

British Daily Telegraph claimed that the US officers have regular meetings with the PKK terrorists in Northern Iraq. Damien McElroy in his report mentioned “US army helicopters are reportedly used to shuttle officers to regular meetings with Kurdish fighters”. Mr. McElroy interview with the head of the PKK terrorists, Murat Karayilan (means ‘Black Snake’ in Turkish language). Mr. Karayilan accepted the US assistance to the PKK yet argued that the US did very little for the Kurds and can do more.

Iran accused the US last week of supporting the terrorists against Tehran. Similarly the Turkish media blamed the Americans of being supporter of the PKK terrorism although the PKK is a terrorist organization according to the US laws.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Bal from Ankara-based USAK, one of the leading Turkish think tanks, told the JTW that the US should do something immediately against the PKK terrorists, otherwise Turkish-American relations will be damaged. Similarly Dr. Sedat Laciner said “All signs clearly show that the US ignores the PKK terrorists in Northern Iraq”. “The PKK is a terrorist organization. Americans and the EU say so. If US ignores or supports the PKK in the region, the US’ fight against global terrorism will lose its base. Turkey’s support, as moderate Muslim country, in fighting terrorism is crucial. However if you support my terrorists, I can not help you in fighting against your terrorists. The US’ strange policies regarding the PKK terrorism nourishes anti-Americanism in Turkey. The US lost at least 30 years in Turkey. If Washington thinks the Turkish people or politicians forget all these, they are wrong. Nobody in Ankara has forgotten the Johnson Letter for instance, and they will remember how the US is not co-operative against the PKK terrorism” Dr. Laciner added.

The PKK has armed terror bases in Northern Iraq. The number of bases is about 20. The number of the PKK terrorists is about 5.000 in Northern Iraq. The US promised to remove all of the PKK bases yet no concrete step has been taken.

10 September 2007


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