Kucinich: Occupation of Iraq is a Crime

Well at least one presidential candidate is not afraid of speaking the truth. However Kucinich's chances of winning are virtually nil unfortunately. I think that the word "immortality" in the quote from Kucinich should be "immorality". However, perhaps he meant that the forces would be there forever!

Kucinich: Occupation of Iraq is a Crime, Smokescreen for Oil Control
By Dan Wilken
Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich states that the president's announcement to keep U.S. forces in Iraq for Stability and Security beyond his term of office is a cover-up for the real reason. As stated by Kucinich, "the announcement is a smokescreen to cover the immortality and criminality of the real reason he took us to war and the reason he refuses to end it: oil."
Kucinich states that to facilitate and protect the smokescreen cover-up, Bush is willing to continue to facilitate and protect this scheme, willing to continue the U.S. occupation in Iraq, keep our brave men and women in the line of fire and risk an escalation of violence and regional stability.

Kucinich is the only democratic candidate who voted against authorization of the original Iraq War intent in 2002. He has continued down this road voting against supplemental funding appropriation by the government since. He states that the war is a crime of international proportions. It continues right under the noses of congressional members who refuse to listen, candidates who do not understand and the media who are virtually asleep at their desk.

Kucinich also states that the President and congress when discussing the progress in Iraq in meeting eighteen benchmarks is only interested in one arena. That arena is the privatization of Iraq's oil and is disclosed under the guise of a proposal parlayed to the nation as revenue sharing. He says the government is using the power of the U.S. military to its own advantage.

Earlier this year, on the floor of the U.S. House, Kucinich presented an exceptional speech providing details regarding the implications of the proposed hydrocarbon law and chronicling what are secret discussions and negotiations leading to the formulation of this law. In his speech, documents were provided dating back to 1999 disclosing international oil interest with representation from the Bush Administration. Dick Cheney along with others have been planning for years the methods to be used to allow exploitation of the Iraq Oil Industry by major oil companies. Kucinich also provided details that top oil executives have been secretively providing guidance to the government and Iraqi government as to how Iraq could end their state controlled oil industry and facilitate foreign investment.

Kucinich states, "That's why the President will not bring our troops home. It's exactly what I've been saying for five years: It's always been about oil."

Kucinich strongly encourages that everyone who voted for the war and everyone who voted to continue funding the war should be held accountable for the consequences. He advises those who voted to admit if they did not know what they were doing. In addition, he states that if they are blind to what is going on, their vision and judgment is impaired.


Kucinich for President 2008



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