Sunday, September 30, 2007

US air raid in Baghdad kills 10 civilians

How can the US claim that it tries so hard to avoid civilian casualties when it conducts air raids in a city. This is bound to produce civilian casualties. It seems that the US does not care. The same thing happens in Afghanistan. This only turns the populace against the occupying forces.

US air raid in Baghdad kills 10 civiliansArticle from: Agence France-PresseFont September 28, 2007 06:32pm
A US air raid early today killed at least 10 people, including women and children, in a building in a mainly Sunni area of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said.

The raid targeted a building in the Al-Saha neighbourhood in southwestern Baghdad where families were sleeping, the Iraqi officials said.

Bodies were pulled out of the rubble of the building, which was destroyed.

"Ten people were killed and seven wounded when American helicopters attacked Building No 139 at 2am. We have no idea of the reason for the attack," said an Interior Ministry official.

An official at Baghdad's Al-Yarmuk hospital said 13 people - seven men, two women and four children - were killed and 10 men and a women were wounded. He said all the casualties were civilians.

The survivors said their building had been attacked by US helicopters early in the morning, the hospital official said.

There was no immediate comment from the US military.

The reported attack came after the US military said the bodies of five women and four children were found in a central Iraqi village after American soldiers raided houses believed used by al-Qaeda earlier in the week.

A military statement yesterday said a raid by ground and air forces had been carried out on Tuesday on a building in Babahani village near the town of Musayyib, about 50 kilometres south of Baghdad.

"According to Iraqi police, the bodies of five adult women and four children were taken to a local hospital in Musayyib Wednesday," the statement said.

"Structures in the area have historically been found to be used as safe houses for Al-Qaeda," it added.

"Coalition Forces searching a nearby house located (bomb)-making material including command wire, batteries and timers."

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