A View from Tehran

Well the US seems determined not to let anyone who might threaten their hegemony in any area to have nuclear weapons and certainly Israel sees a nuclear Iran as unacceptable. The US too has said this ad nauseam. Kissinger speaks for himself although he no doubt has a point that the US would indeed love to control Iran's oil!
Notice the lack of political anti-US rhetoric in the article. Kissinger is used to make their point.

US fears Iran's control of oil, not nuke
Fri, 21 Sep 2007 00:19:55
Source: PressTV

Former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger
The Former US Secretary of State says the US is concerned about Iran's control of oil resources, not the country's nuclear supremacy.

“An Iran that practices subversion and seeks regional hegemony - which appears to be the current trend - must be faced with lines it will not be permitted to cross. The industrial nations cannot accept radical forces dominating a region on which their economies depend", claimed Kissinger in his Op-Ed for immediate release entitled: " PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE TO SAVE IRAQ."

"These truisms need to be translated into effective policies, preferably common policies with allies and friends." continued Kissinger.

"Iran has legitimate aspirations that need to be respected," he writes - but those legitimate aspirations do not include control over the oil that the United States and other industrial countries need, he wrote.

He pointed out that none of these objectives can be realized, however, unless two conditions are met: The United States needs to maintain a presence in the region on which its supporters can count and which its adversaries have to take seriously. Above all, the country must recognize that bipartisanship has become a necessity, not a tactic.

Henry Alfred Kissinger, has played a dominant role in US foreign policy between 1969 and 1977 when he served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the Nixon and then Ford administrations.



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