South Carolina: And the Winners Are? Cain and Colbert!

     Herman Cain the former front-runner in the Republican race for president but long out of the running teamed up with comedian Steve Colbert to stage a mock rally in Charleston South Carolina. The event drew larger crowds than rallies for the serious candidates.
     Colbert however interjected some serious thoughts into his satire. In particular he lashed out against the influence of money in politics after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations were persons and had the right of free speech. He also noted the influence of well funded PAC (Political Action Committees) that campaign for well-heeled special interests.
     Colbert and Cain sang together. Since Colbert is not on the ballot in South Carolina but Cain still is, Colbert urged the crowd to vote for Cain. In spite of a string of sexual misconduct accusations that doomed his own campaign for president, Cain was well received at the event except when he tried to promote the Tea Party or his website. Apparently he did not promote his former pizza enterprise Godfather's Pizza.
    About 3,300, many students, attended the event at the College of Charleston. Cain agreed with Colbert on the need to change campaign finance laws. I have  appended a short video on the event. For more see this article



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