Pakistani Doctor acted for CIA to gather DNA evidence on Bin Laden family

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted in CBS interview that a Pakistani doctor was recruited by the CIA to collect DNA evidence that established that Osama was in the compound subsequently attacked by Navy Seals who killed bin Laden.

The doctor Shakil Afridi is in jail on suspicion of treason. The doctor set up a fake hepatitis vaccination program whose actual purpose was to collect DNA samples from the occupants of the compound. A nurse was allowed into the compound.

Once the DNA material was verified Obama authorised the attack that killed Bin Laden. The whole episode was quite embarassing to Pakistan since it was not informed of the operation until it was well under way. Also, it seems that Pakistan should have known about Bin Laden being at the compound.

Since the doctor helped the U.S. fight against terrorism a cause that Pakistan too claims to support, it will be problematic to find him guilty of treason. Perhaps there will be some quiet diplomacy with the good doctor as with President Saleh of Yemen coming to the U.S. for medical reasons. His health may be in danger if he stays in Pakistan! For more see this article.


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