Pakistan: Army report rejects U.S. account of deadly air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops

 A report by the Pakistani army rejects a U.S. account of the air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops last November. The U.S. report expressed condolences to the families of those killed but claimed that the strikes were justified in self-defense as they believed they were being attacked by Taliban forces.
  The U.S. forces called in air strikes in support of their troops but these strikes hit two posts manned by Pakistanis and on the Pakistan side of the border. The strikes caused Pakistan to close border crossings through which goods were transported to Afghanistan through Pakistan. They also began a review of relations with the U.S. Several other incidents including the killing of Bin Laden have increased tension between Pakistan and the U.S.
   The U.S. report said that there was a break down of co-ordination between NATO forces and the Pakistanis and also an incorrect map was used. Because of this the U.S. was not immediately aware that the posts attacked belonged to the Pakistani military. But the Pakistanis claim that the U.S. in fact violated all the agreed upon procedures for border operations.
    In spite of the disagreements and tensions between Pakistan and the U.S. drone attacks have been resumed and apparently Pakistan is co-operating with the U.S. and providing intelligence for the U.S. strikes. For more see this article.


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