Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yemen: Protesters reject deal with President Saleh

 Although Saleh has accepted the GCC brokered deal to step down within 30 days and transfer power to his vice-president, protesters have rejected the deal. The protesters object to Saleh being given immunity from prosecution for his killing of protesters and other crimes.
    There are also still divisions within the armed forces and there have been clashes between loyalist forces under Saleh's  nephew and those of a general who defected back in March. On Thursday gunmen with no uniforms, probably Saleh loyalists, killed five protesters in the capital Sanaa. Apparently some of the politicians who signed on to the original deal are having doubts and perhaps may join the protesters.
  The government has announced that presidential elections will held next February 21st. This will be a year ahead of schedule and complies with there terms of GCC deal that Saleh signed. However it looks as if the deal has not stop protests. The government also faces separatist movements in the north and south as well as Islamic extremists who have taken over considerable territory. For more see this article and here as well.

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