Rival militias battle in Libya

  While Gadaffi forces were battling the rebels the various militias and factions within the rebel ranks were united against a common enemy. Now that those forces have been defeated differences have strained relations among  rebel militias.
   Clashes between two militias have been ongoing for four days now near and in the capital Tripoli. Yesterday, November 14 reports indicate the death toll is 15. The militias are from Zawiya and from the Warshefana tribes.
   The Zawiya group says they were attacked by people who were formerly Gadaffi supporters. In response the Zawiya militia set up checkpoints around their area. Although the National Transitional Council claims the two groups have an agreement to end fighting, the fighting has not stopped.
    The National Transitional Government has tried to disarm militias or at least bring them under control of the central government. The different militias however have resisted this move. No doubt the militias believe that being armed provides them political leverage to ensure that some of their political demands will be granted. For more on the conflict see this article and also this one.


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