Saudi Arabia: Demonstrators wounded in Eastern Province

  Police apparently used live fire in dispersing the demonstration in the Eastern Province. The demonstration was in response to the death of a 19 year old who was wounded on Sunday near a check point. The circumstances of the shooting have not been made clear although the police claim he was shot in crossfire as the checkpoint was under fire from gun men. Local witness say that it was a policeman at the check point shot the youth.
   Eastern Province is home to many Shia who feel isolated within Saudi Arabia. The province is close to Bahrain where Shia are the majority. The Saudis sent troops to help repress the protests in that country.
   This is second death in the last few days in the area said to be caused by security forces. Residents of  the town of Al Qatif where the demonstrations took place claim that another person was shot and killed by security forces in the Awamiya another Shia town. While Saudi Arabia has been for the most part free from many demonstrations associated with the Arab Spring the Eastern Province is an exception. For more see this article.


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