Police block and harass media covering OWS eviction

 In the early hours this morning November 15, New York police evicted OWS protesters from their Zucotti Park encampment. Journalists who tried to cover the eviction were often barred from getting close to the action. Some reporters complained they were harassed by or treated violently by police. At this site, there is a list of 14 tweets from reporters on their treatment.

 As one would expect the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a positive spin on events. According to him police barred the journalists from reporting the raid for their own safety. Later a judge ordered a temporary restraining order against the city.

   Bloomberg said that the protesters could return to the park after it had been cleaned up. However, they would not be allowed to bring back tents, or sleeping bags. The restraining order rejected those terms because they were made after the occupation had already begun not beforehand. Protesters were apparently briefly allowed back into the park after 8 AM but then were evicted again while the city studies the order.

   The New York raid follows others in Portland Oregon, Oakland California, Albany N.Y. and Denver Colorado. For more see this article and also this.     A live stream of  events can be found here.  A video with Michael Moore commenting on events can be found here.


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