Wednesday, November 16, 2011

China: Sixty per cent of rich Chinese want to leave China

  Two decades ago Chinese authorities propagated their new slogan "to get rich is glorious" but the new slogan of the rich twenty years later is "get rich and then get out". A whopping 60 per cent of rich Chinese intend to leave China according to a new report.
   The U.S. is the most favored destination for rich Chinese. For 40 per cent of rich Chinese intending to emigrate the United States is their first choice. After the United States, Canada, and then Singapore are most favored. Among the reasons for leaving China is concern about stability and changes in policies that might impact negatively on their wealth. Wealth is very unevenly distributed now in China.
  The United States has an Immigrant Investor Program that requires $500,000 dollars as a minimum. There is no cap. Canada also has an immigrant investment program. In 2009 over 2,000 Chinese obtained permanent residency through the program. For much more see this article.


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