U.S. India nuclear deal.

This is from AP through Yahoo. I was not aware that this deal fell victim to a shortened U.S. legislative calendar. This is just a snippet from a longer article.

Bush's administration also offered India novel cooperation in developing civilian nuclear energy that critics say would let India build up its nuclear arsenal and spoil global efforts to stop the spread of atomic weapons. The deal survived what had seemed fatal opposition in India only to fall victim to the election-shortened U.S. legislative calendar.........

This dealmaking with India also threatens the possibility of any close alliance with Pakistan. Indeed the deal will fire up the conflict between Pakistan and India. Perhaps the U.S. has deliberately chosen India as a new ally in the area as a counterweight to Pakistan and China as well. It is a dangerous gambit. Internal conflict in India may also increase since powerful parties opposed the deal.

Although it may be possible for a new U.S. administration to repudiate the disastrous Bush policy," of case-by-case dealmaking, "a tremendous amount of damage will already have been done," said William C. Potter, nonproliferation director at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He said the India deal is the worst of the three.


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