Arroyo at the Olympics

The Tribune has an article on Gloria at the Olympics. The Tribune seems to think that MILF are not obeying the orders to withdraw from positions north of Cotabato but Malaya reports that MILF troops are obeying. Anyway here is a bit about what Gloria is doing on the side in China:

What Gloria did amid this heated atmosphere that again she helped create, was to pack herself off to the Olympics.
What appears to be her first supposed working visit action was to witness the signing of a mining deal between a local company in which her close aide, Mike Defensor, who was also the former Environment and Natural Resources secretary who had the responsibility of overseeing mining projects, and sits as chairman of the board, sealed a $150 million joint venture with big Chinese mining companies.
So much for rekindling relations with the Chinese after the $329 million National Broadband Network fiasco that involved Chinese supplier ZTE Corp.
Gloria had all the reasons to stay in China for the longest possible time.


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