Russia cancels all military cooperation with NATO

There seems to be a round of tit for tat punishments the last few days. It still remains to what extent Russia is withdrawing from Georgia. Certainly it will not withdraw from South Ossetia or Abkazia in the short term and I understand that even the ceasefire allows for some patrols around the perimeter of each area. However, the Russians were still present far beyond those areas last I heard.
This is from aftenpost. (Norway)

Russia cancels all military cooperation with NATORussia, apparently stung by NATO's condemnation of its military action in Georgia, plans to cease all military exercises with Norway and other NATO members.
News organization Aftenposten has received confirmation that Russian authorities informed the Norwegian Foreign Ministry Wednesday afternoon that officials in Moscow were about to send a "note" to Norway and all other countries that are members of the NATO military alliance.
The note, according to Aftenposten, will advise NATO members that Russia was immediately halting, cancelling or postponing all planned military cooperation with NATO's members.
Russia's relation to NATO would then be evaluated, reported Aftenposten.
The warning from Russia signals a further deterioration in relations between Russia and western nations.
It comes a day after NATO members meeting at a summit in Brussels criticized Russia's military aggression in Georgian territory and voted to suspend cooperation with NATO’s Russian council


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