Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Marines in Georgia during Russian assault.

This is from the Marinecorpstimes.
No mention of the presence of the marines in reports at the time of the Russian assault. The Russians are probably just making up stories about sending the Humvees they nabbed to Moscow to be examined. Heck. If Russia makes a half decent offer to GM for the Humvee division they could probably buy the whole kit and kaboodle at bargain prices! Russia can afford the gas more than the U.S. too. Maybe the Russians intend to present the Humvees as military aid to the South Ossetian armed forces! Of course it may just be the civilian division of Humvee that GM wants to get rid of. Probably GM makes a bundle on the military side.

Corps wants its Humvees back
By Dan Lamothe - Staff writerPosted : Friday Aug 29, 2008 17:36:04 EDT

U.S. officials continue to negotiate the release of five Marine Humvees seized by Russian forces in the Georgian port of Poti during their August assault on the U.S. ally.
The Humvees were taken Aug. 19, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Corey Barker, a spokesman for U.S. European Command, and they contained no advanced tracking technology or cryptology hardware — a contrast with Russian news reports, which said the vehicles contained sophisticated communications gear and had been sent to Moscow for examination.
The Humvees were in Georgia as part of Operation Immediate Response, a multinational training exercise involving Marine and Army units, Barker said. They were awaiting commercial transport back to the U.S. when they were seized.
The team of Marines in Georgia — primarily assigned to Brooklyn, N.Y.-based 6th Communications Battalion and a Lexington, Ky.-based detachment with 4th Marine Logistics Group’s Military Police Company — were sent to a hotel in the capital, Tbilisi, when the Russian assault began.

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