Philippines: No dogs for dinner.

I have a relative in the Philippines who claims to have eaten dog ages ago. Apparently the brains are supposed to be tasty especially with a good dose of rum or Red Horse ale as an appetizer. Most people probably are turned off at the idea as they associate dogs with pets. The same is true of horsemeat. Too bad cows are not cuddly or good to ride or race.

Dogs rescued from butcher's knife

EIGHTEEN dogs were rescued from the butcher’s knife in the northern Philippines using a new law against the illegal meat trade.

A National Bureau of Investigation agent, Serafin Gil, said two suspected dog meat traders were arrested in Monday’s raid and have been charged before the Jaen Municipal Trial Court in Nueva Ecija province.

If convicted, they face up to four years in jail plus fines under new regulations that require not only the registration of dogs and anti-rabies vaccination but also animal welfare standards and stiffer penalties for dog meat traders.

Mr Gil said today that under the old law, dog meat traders faced up to two years in jail.


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