Israel issues new decree that allows expulsion of Palestinians from West Bank

This may not get much coverage in the western mainstream press. Even Israeli human rights groups are outraged by this move. It may be directed at Gazans who have fled the Gaza strip. These permits as mentioned were never required before so most Palestinians will not have them. This new decree allows Israel to deport Palestinians from the West Bank almost at will. Jordan has even complained about this new decree. This is from Xinhua

Israel issues west bank expulsion order

BEIJING, April 14 -- A new order may see thousands of Palentinians being expelled from the West Bank...Isreal's military tried to impose the new measures Tuesday... but were quickly denouced by human rights activists and the Palestinians themselves.

Under the new rules, anyone caught living in the West Bank without an Israeli permit could face expulsion within as few as three days or be sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

The new measures have been denounced as "an affront to the most fundamental principles of human rights" by the Chief Palestinian negotiator.

The new military orders have also been slammed by Israelis.

10 Israeli human rights groups have issued a letter urging the Defense Ministry to rescind the new rules.

The human rights groups say the orders are so vague and sweeping that virtually all West Bankers are at risk.

And the military does not define what permits are required to shield against deportation.

Elad Kahana, Israeli Lawyer, Human Rights Group “Hamoked”, said, "It is very important to say that these permits that are now required were never required before, therefore no one has them and it should not be required to have to live in their own home and own land."

The most vulnerable groups under the new orders will be Gazans who have moved to the more prosperous West Bank in search of jobs, and the foreign spouses of West Bank residents.

It's estimated tens of thousands of people from the two groups are at risk of deportation.

(Source: CCTV)


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