China to buy anti-aircraft missiles from Russia.

No doubt the U.S. will not be pleased with this sale. Perhaps India will be a bit uneasy as well. China must be on good terms with Russia at present to allow such sales. Even more disturbing to the U.S. will be planned sale of these missiles to Iran. No doubt the U.S. is putting pressure on Russia not to deliver those.

China to Buy S-300 Missiles From Russian Plant

China has agreed to buy a large number of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, Interfax reported on Friday, citing the director of the Russian plant that makes the weapons.

The truck-mounted S-300, known in the West as the SA-20, can shoot down cruise missiles and aircraft.

Interfax quoted Igor Ashurbeili, director general of Almaz Antei, as saying China would receive a total of 15 batteries of S-300s. He did not give the value of the deal.

In Russia's armed forces, a S-300 battery normally consists of four truck-mounted installations, each consisting of four missiles held in metal tubes.

Moscow has said it plans to fulfil a contract to supply the S-300, nicknamed "the favorite" in Russia, to Iran, unnerving Israel and its close ally the United States.

The possible sale to Tehran of the S-300, which could protect Iran's nuclear facilities against air strikes, has become a sensitive issue in Russia's relations with Israel.


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