Iraq parliament again fails to pass electoral law

The US is getting quite anxious about this process since the main withdrawal from Iraq is supposed to take place 60 days after the election. If the election is late so may be the withdrawal. Even if the bill goes through today it would seem that election cannot take place until near the end of February.

Iraq MPs again fail to vote on new election law

Baghdad, Dec 5 (AFP) Iraq's parliament met today to vote on a new electoral law for polls early next year but no quorum was reached and the session was postponed until tomorrow, speaker Iyad Samarrai said.

"There are only 113 members present, and therefore no quorum. A new session will take place tomorrow at 11 am (1330 IST)," he told MPs.

There are 275 seats in the Iraqi legislature, and at least 138 members must be present for a session to go ahead.

President Jalal Talabani had called today's session to vote on a draft law to govern legislative elections, urging MPs to quickly pass the law, without which the general election can not proceed.

The United Nations on Wednesday proposed February 27 as the most "feasible" date for parliamentary elections, nearly a month later than the deadline set by the constitution.


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