Iraq Counterterror leader killed

Rather ironic that this happened in Tikrit that was the home town of Saddam Hussein. This shows that Al Qaeda and other insurgent groups in Iraq are not yet a spent force. Attention has turned away from Iraq to Afghanistan but there are still plenty of unresolved problems in Iraq including the fact that the Sunnis are far from happy with the Shia dominated government and the Kurds are unhappy about the status of cities such as Kirkuk. No oil law has yet been passed federally and that was an important benchmark for progress set by the Bush administration!

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Iraq Counterterror Leader Slain in Tikrit

Posted By Jason Ditz

The death of Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Subhi al-Fahal, one of the top anti-terror chiefs in central Iraq, is being celebrated by insurgents across Iraq, and crowed about on Iraqi al-Qaeda affiliated web sites.

Fahal was an outspoken terror opponent, and rejected government efforts to reform militants, suggesting that only killing them en masse could pacify the region.

And the colonel put his theory into practice, claiming to have single-handedly slaughtered over 250 members of al-Qaeda, at least 200 of them Iraqi citizens.

US officials praised the late Fahal as “brave and effective,” and said “he was the kind of person who was willing to lead Iraq to a peaceful future.” It seems this willingness was irrespective of the number of people he’d have to kill along the way.

But it seems that Lt. Col Fahal’s violent past finally caught up with him yesterday, when a suicide bomber killed him and ten other people. Fahal appears to have been the target of the attack.


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