Holbrooke: US spies but no troops in Pakistan.

Of course there is no reason to believe Holbrooke. In the war on terror or whatever it is now called the first casualty as the saying goes is truth. In an drone attacks it is always militants and even leaders who are killed not civilians. Usually the opposite is probably the case. Some leaders seem to be like cats with nine lives. The response of course makes no reference to contractors such as Blackwater (Xe) and if there were special forces in operations which there probably are this would not be mentioned either.

US spies, not combat troops in Pak: Holbrooke
Dec 26 04:20 PM
Washington, Dec. 26 (ANI): US President Barack Obama's Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke has admitted that there are American spies on Pakistani soil, but has rebuffed reports about the presence of any combat troops inside the troubled country.

"There are no American troops in Pakistan, but there are members of our intelligence services in every country in the world," Holbrooke said during the Charles Rose show on the PBS.

Holbrooke's statement contradicts media reports that suggested that there were over 70 US 'military advisers and technical specialists' in Pakistan, who were helping Pakistani forces against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

When asked to evaluate the impact of the US drone attacks in the lawless tribal region of Pakistan along the Afghan border, Holbrooke parried the question, saying he would 'not try to give a grade to a work in progress.' (ANI)


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