Arias talks fail Zelaya to return to Honduras next weekend.

This is from my post to Allvoices. --with additional commentary.

These talks were set up only because of the insistence of the U.S. as a way of defusing the situation but the U.S. did not reckon on the intransigence of the coup leaders. Although Zelaya sounded just as uncompromising it was he who accepted Arias proposals for a government of reconciliation. But the coup will not let Zelaya resume the presidency under any conditions it seems. The coup leaders know that the U.S. is a toothless tiger when it comes to actually moving against a group that it had long supported and with whom it still has strong military ties. While in the short term the coup government will suffer international isolation in the longer term there will be presidential elections held under the auspices of the coup government and then things will return to normal with the elite ruling and the military watchful in the wings.
Zelaya is making plans to return next weekend. There are already organised demonstrations regularly and there will be more next week. Of course unless a few dozen people get shot the mainstream media will not bother covering them because they are not in Iran!

The possibility of increased violence is now much increased and should Zelaya carry out his pledge to return to Nicaragua the likely alternative is to be violence. The only alternative left to the Zelaya supporters it would seem is armed struggle. Probably Nicaragua would support such a struggle and also Venezuela at least. The United States will not. Obama is already in hot water among many for supporting Zelaya. Many in the US support the coup line that the military was simply supporting the constitution and the coup lobbyists are openly working in Washington. Many have good connections to the Democratic party and especially Hilary Clinton.
There are recent articles in PressTV (Iran) and Yahoonews.


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