Honduran Supreme Court rejects Zelaya restoration

This is a modified version of a report from Allvoices.

The Honduran Supreme Court has rejected Zelaya's restoration. The court is packed with anti-Zelaya judges so that is not surprising. If Zelaya enters Honduras there is an arrest warrant awaiting him. Nevertheless Zelaya claims he will go to Honduras today!
One proposal to solve the crisis would involve amnesty for all those arrested and also quashing the warrant for Zelaya's arrest. Also, the elections scheduled for November would take place earlier. However in the meantime Zelaya would resume the presidency. The Honduran court rejected the idea that Zelaya be reinstated as president even for such a relatively short time.
The ball is in the OAS court now. They could toss Honduras out of the OAS but that might not be too much of a concern to Honduras. Cuba has survived without the OAS for decades. If the OAS does not restore Zelaya it will lose face and look as if it is powerless before a military coup.
Here is an article on the Honduran situation as of now:


There seems little coverage of events in Honduras. However the right wing is lambasting Obama for siding with the OAS rather than the military and in some cases defending the coup. This Fox news article is typical.


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