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Sergei Skripal discharged discharged from hospital with no statement or questions

(May 18)Two months after being poisoned by a nerve agent in Salisbury UK, 66-year old Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy, was discharged from the Salisbury hospital on Friday.
Sergei was found along with his daughter Julia slumped on a park bench in the city back on March 4. They were taken to Salisbury District Hospital after being exposed to what is said to be a Novichok type nerve agent.
Yulia was released over a month ago
Yulia was released back on April 9th and moved to a secure location. Not a word of further information about her has been released since that time more than a month ago. There is not a peep from the press about the lack of any further information. It is not reported where she was taken except it was a secure location or if Sergei went to the same location as his daughter. I discussed the lack of information at the time of Yulia's release in a Digital Journal (DJ)article at the time. Another article in DJ three weeks later discussed the continuing silence of the media on the issue. This silence continues unabated.
Everything is kept under wraps
The Metropolitan Police said the investigation into the attack continued and they would not "be discussing any protective or security arrangements that are in place". In other words there will be no information about where Sergei is and presumably no access to him as there has been no press access to Yulia.
The BBC article questions nothing about this but reports on what the Director of nursing Lorna Wilkinson had to say about the problems treating the Skripals. At the end she notes that this is now an important stage in his recovery which would now take place away from the hospital but she did not say where.
Russian ambassador to the UK welcomes the news
Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to the UK welcomed the news that Sergei had been discharged. However, he repeated his demand for consular access to both Sergei and his daughter. The ambassador had previously claimed that denial of access to Yulia was a violation of international law. Yakovenko said that if the two do not want Russian assistance that was fine but he wanted to see them physically.
Both Skripals will have been questioned by detectives
The BBC article goes on to analyze the situation. It notes that although detectives are continuing to investigate the attempted murder of the Skripals so far no suspects have been named.
The article notes: "They will have spoken at length to both Sergei and Yulia about what happened and why they may have been targeted." Although the analysis reports that the police are still working to establish the full facts of the case, it fails to remark on the fact that there has been absolutely no information provided as to what the Skripals said about what happened to them.
Mainstream press shows absolutely no curiosity about Skripals' evidence
Although admitting the authorities have questioned the Skripals about what has happened, the BBC analysis shows not the slightest interest in what the Skripals may have said. However, their testimony is surely crucial to finding out the facts of the case that the detectives are still investigating.
Why is it that not only the BBC but other mainstream reports show no surprise at the fact that every effort is being made to ensure that the Skripals are not allowed to be questioned by reporters about what happened? The authorities fail to report on what information the Skripals provided them.
If the information supported the official narrative, it would probably be immediately provided to the public. The only reasonable explanation to what is happening is that the testimony of the Skripals contradicts the official narrative. Too many important people and powers would be put in an embarrassing position should the Skripals' testimony conflict with the official version of events. Every effort must be made to keep their testimony under wraps. The mainstream press is surely complicit in ensuring that the Skripal version of events remains hidden from the public.

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