Friday, May 18, 2018

CoinMarketCap launches new app that can track cryptocurrency prices

CoinMarketCap has become a prime source for tracking the prices, market caps and trading volumes of cryptocurrencies since it began operation last year.

CoinMarketCap has huge traffic
Alexa, the ranking and analytics company, claims it is the world's 174th most popular website. This outranks important media sites such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other media. However, little is known about the company. The website listing information on the top 100 cryptocoins can be found here.
CoinMarketCap rolls out its new app
Even though CoinMarketCap has been at the center of the rise of cryptocurrencies and has provided invaluable information, it has done nothing to expand and take advantage of that position. Until now, with the release of its app for IOS, preparation for more news services and a rebranding of its website. This is the fifth anniversary of the firm.
The app has been long expected although there are other apps already in use, often using CoinMarketCap data.
What the app does
Users are able to sort coins by coin market cap ranking, name, price and even price range within 24 hours. You can switch between all top 100 tokens or create a watchlist for specific tokens. The only ad at the moment is a single banner at the bottom of the app. There is no ad-free version that you can buy as yet. The present version is free.
You can track coin prices over 24 hours, seven days or 30 days.
The advantage of the CoinCapMarket app
The company has a strong brand with a good reputation for accurate information. A spokesperson for the company said: “Are there other places where people can get the data and do we have copycats? Sure. However, we are the only site that you can guarantee is sourcing, gathering, and verifying the data itself and we pride ourselves in being the first and best regarded within the industry."
CoinMarketCap has redesigned its website and upgraded its API
The company has not only redesigned its website but has also upgraded its Application Program Interface (API).
The new API will include historical data and the company promises more to com. The addition of the app and the redesigned website provides for a fuller experience. Given the traffic, the company is able to monetize its website through ads.
It says its gets about 15 million unique visitors each month.
Brandon Chez, CEO of the company said: “We keep our eyes on incoming requests from users, paying close attention to what people want to see and how they can get the most out of our data. We’re excited to deliver on many of those requests today.”
The CoinCapMarket app is currently available for free through the App Store and the Play Store.

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