Donald Trump made an honorary Russian Cossack

Donald Trump is not only president-elect of the United States but he has been made an honorary Russian Cossack. Trump and his entire family have been invited to attend a welcoming ceremony by Idris Cossack leader, Ataman Andrey Polyakov.

All along Trump has been the favorite candidate in the Russian media and his win was applauded in the Russian Duma or parliament. Polyakov leader of the Irbis Cossack group who bestowed the honor on Putin said that the "unforgettable programme" of traditional activities would allow Trump an insight into the "mysterious Russian soul". The Ibris group is based around St. Petersburg.
The group recently grabbed headlines by unveiling a bust of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the garb of a Roman emperor. The Cossacks a traditional military order have a long history in Russia, Ukraine and some other neighboring countries. Many defended the Czar and fought against the Bolsheviks as members of the White Army. Many were slaughtered by the Soviet regime. Nevertheless some fought with the Red Army in the Second World War. After the fall of the USSR the Cossacks have grown in numbers and importance as staunch Russian nationalists. In some cities they act as auxiliary police.
The Ibris group has made the news before. In August 2015 a prosecutor accused them of using unsanctioned currency. The smallest denomination the group issued was equal to 100 roubles or about US $1.50. There were said to be already more than two million in circulation. Some notes had a photo of President Putin but others had a photo of Polyakov the group's leader. Polyakov said the currency had a host of uses locally and said:"There is less money now, so we decided that we would help Cossacks this way. Members of the community will be able to pay using the banknotes for education at the Cossack cadet college, repair home appliances at our farmstead, and buy food products produced there."I do not know if any charges were ever laid. So far there has been no response from Donald Trump indicating he intends to attend the welcoming ceremony or accept his new honor. He could visit his friend Putin while in Russia.


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