Satire video on Romney: Disillusionment video on Obama

 Every form of media is used in the U.S. 2012 election campaign for the presidency including You Tube music videos. There is a very clever and catchy video on Romney called ""I am a Romney Girl". The tune is for the 1990's hit Barbie Girl. The lyrics are critical of  Romney and his wealth. The Swiss Miss who is a Romney Girl is attracted by Romney's wealth and all the perks. She sings of tax shelters, Bain capital, and outsourcing in a very upbeat appealing way.  I just wonder if the upbeat rhythm of the song will not cancel out the informational content and actually make people feel favorably towards Romney. The video is funded by the Agenda Project Action Fund.
   The Obama video is downbeat compared to the Romney video. The tune is Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know".  The song is of promises not kept and disillusionment. Obamacare only went so far and then left the singer strapped like a dog to Romney's car. No doubt this is an allusion to Obamacare being copied from Romneycare and not a single payer system. There is also mention of drones a topic not very hot on the campaign trail! Personally I liked the Romney video much better than the Obama video at least in terms of entertainment value! The Obama video is produced by Just New Productions and can be found here.


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