August 13 is International Left-Handers' Day

It is almost over but then I did not find out that it was International Left-Hander's Day until just a few hours ago when I read a short news article on the celebration. All day I have been reading about Syria or still stories about the Olympics or more of an endless stream of stories about the U.S.election and it does not even happen until November. Left-handers' International Day is right here and now!

About 10 to 15 per cent of people are left handed. I thought there would be more of us. President Obama is left-handed so I can't understand why all those Republicans are so critical of him. Perhaps there are only a handful of left-handed Republicans and they are jealous. The fifteen per cent must create a niche market for lefthanded golf clubs, scissors, and heaven knows what else. I have managed to learn to use a mouse with my right hand. I haven't managed to learn to use a touch pad with either hand!

This year is the 23rd year of celebrations of the day although it is the first for me. Promoters of the day suggest that left-handers create their own lefty zones where everything must be done with the left hand. There is a special site here that allows you to download posters celebrating left-handedness etc. The site even has recommendations for teachers as to how to help left-handed students. I was fortunate in that even though I went to school at a time when teachers still tried to force left-handers to write with the right hand I was left alone.

As well as President Obama there are other U.S. presidents who were left handed. Bill Clinton another Democrat was also left handed. However there are left-handed Republicans including George H.W. Bush and also Ronald Reagan. Left-handedness is obviously bi-partisan. Albert Einstein is another famous left hander. Henry Ford the automaker is another leftie. The novelist Mark Twain and Leonardo Da Vinci were artistic lefties. There are left-handed athletes too including:Larry Bird, Babe Ruth, and Barry Bonds. We are an elite group.


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