Workplace fatalities still plague China.

Although as the article mentions there is a decrease in accidents and deaths from last year the toll is still quite large even given the size of the Chinese population--although it would be helpful if the article compared rates with other countries. Coal Mining in particular in China seems to be quite unsafe with many serious accidents and many deaths.

Workplace fatalities still plague China


Going to work proved deadly for 83,196 people in China last year. They died in 380,000 work-related accidents in mines and factories, on construction sites and on the roadways.

Huang Yi, spokesman for the State Administration of Work Safety, told the official Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday that the toll in 2009 was down significantly from the year before with 35,000 fewer accidents recorded and almost 8,000 fewer deaths.

Coal mining is one of the deadliest occupations in China. Just this week, for example, a mine in Wuhai in Inner Mongolia flooded, killing one miner. Rescue workers are still trying to save 31 others who are trapped on two different levels in the mine.

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