California anti-gay rights activist turns out to be gay and drunk!

Ashburn claimed that he voted against gay rights measures because he thought that is what his constituents wanted. Perhaps his constituents would prefer that he not be a hypocrite. No doubt he also supported crackdowns on drunk driving as well on the grounds that is what his constituents wanted. Some have claimed that Ashburn is not actually an anti-gay rights activist as he is portrayed in reports. However, voting against gay rights bills constantly is not exactly being neutral or a supporter! This is from

Anti-gay rights California Sen. Roy Ashburn comes out as gay
Disclosure follows news that senator was arrested for drunk driving after leaving gay bar

During his time in California's Senate, Roy Ashburn voted against every single gay rights measure that came up. That made the story of his arrest two weeks ago -- he was pulled over for drunk driving after leaving a gay bar, and he had another man in the car with him -- more than a little interesting.

On Monday, Ashburn admitted to what everyone had pretty much figured out now.

"I'm gay," he said in a radio interview. "Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long." The Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert blog reports that Ashburn explained that he voted the way he did on gay rights because he felt that's what the voters of his district wanted


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