Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recent events in Honduras

With little fanfare Zelaya has already left Honduras for the Dominican Republic where he will no doubt fade into oblivion. Meanwhile the US is quietly applauding the success of the coup leaders in waiting out the clock and carrying out presidential elections. Micheletti has been made a legislator for life and the military has been given amnesty. As the article below illustrates the US has obviously accepted the election as legitimate even though Zelaya was never restored and Micheletti never resigned! No doubt the US will soon restore full aid to the regime and full military co-operation. This is from this site.

The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings
If there was any doubt that the United States is orchestrating the political choreography going on in Honduras right now, it should be put to rest. Arturo Valenzuela, representing the United States at Porfirio Lobo Sosa's inauguration, told the press today that the United States has not made any decision about restoring aid to Honduras yet. "We haven't made any determinations yet," said Valenzuela. "The new president of Honduras has taken the country in the right direction," Valenzuela added after Lobo Sosa talked both about establishing a government of reconciliation, and establishing a truth commission in his first 100 days in office, both of which Valenzuela called "essential elements" to the restoration of democratic order in Honduras. "Things are moving pretty much in the right direction."

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