NATO overnight raid leave Afghan infant dead

This follows on another recent raid when several civilians were killed in a night raid. This resulted in new rules. New rules that have yet to be issued. No hurry. We have a few more civilians to kill first. At the same time this is going on a NATO chief warns that there will be many more casualties.

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Overnight NATO Raid Leaves Afghan Infant Slain

Posted By Jason Ditz

NATO forces expressed “regret” today after an overnight raid in the Uruzgan Province left an Afghan mother wounded and her infant dead. Forces insisted they went out of their way to protect civilians.

The latest incident came just over a week after an overnight attack in the nearby Ghazni Province left four civilians dead. After those killings, NATO pledged to revise rules to severely curb the number of nighttime raids they launched in the future, in an effort to bring down the number of civilian deaths.

US officials defended the incident, insisting that Gen. McChrystal simply hasn’t issued the new directive that would curb the raids. A statement insisted that unspecified efforts were still made.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai again demanded that NATO end the night raids, though he did not specifically mention that Uruzgan incident. The growing civilian toll has sparked anger, and growing complaints from the Karzai government.


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