Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Will the Coup Leaders finally agree to Arias Accords.

Apparently Catholic Church, Military, and Chambers of Commerce are all meeting in downtown Tegucigalpa as of now. They all accept the Arias accords so it will be interesting to see if Micheletti can snub God, The Military, and the Chambers of Commerce! So far both Micheletti and the Supreme Court have completely rejected the return of Zelaya under any conditions.

""Update II: Radio Globo reporter Eduardo Maldonado is reporting, live, his eye-witness account of members of the Honduran military brass and the top chiefs of the National Police who recently arrived a building near Morazan Boulevard in Tegucigalpa and are meeting inside "on the third floor." The radio is also reporting that the Catholic Church hierarchy and various Chambers of Commerce have determined to back the San José solution of reinstating Zelaya to the presidency "regardless of the stance of the Micheletti government." Looks like the visa suspension is peeling away some inner layers of the coup onion rather rapidly. Something's up. And we're here monitoring the situation. Developing...""

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