Saturday, August 29, 2009

Japanese elections tomorrow!

It seems the ruling party is going to lose after decades of being in power:

""A general election on Sunday August 30th should change all that. Opinion polls suggest that when voters go to the polls for the powerful lower house of the Diet (parliament), the opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), will trounce the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), thus ending over 50 years of nearly continuous rule.
The magnitude of the defeat facing Taro Aso, the prime minister and LDP leader, is startling. A poll in Thursday's Asahi Shimbun suggests that the LDP’s representation in the Diet could be more than halved to about 100 seats. The DPJ could take as many as 320 of the chamber’s 480 seats.""""

The DPJ may change policy with respect to the US and is also against neoliberal policies:

""Whether the DPJ, an unknown quantity, can make a better fist of running the economy is open to question. Mr Hatoyama railed against American-led “market fundamentalism” preferring a woolly-sounding concept, that he calls fraternity. He says it means that activities such as agriculture—already heavily protected—will not be left “at the mercy of the tides of globalism”. Businessmen fear the noises coming from the DPJ that seem to promise more worker-friendly policies such as banning the use of temporary labour in manufacturing and raising the minimum wage. The DPJ has also promised to loosen Japan’s close ties to American foreign policy. So if Sunday’s election produces the political earthquake predicted the next question will be whether the DPJ is capable of delivering a series of aftershocks too.""

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