Over one third of Americans think that Jews are partly responsible for the economic crisis.

It would seem that even though the US political establishment bends over backward to support Israel and Israel receives lots of US taxpayer money, over a third of U.S. citizens see Jews as partly causing the economic crisis. Pro-Israel groups spend a lot of time and effort in providing positive information on Israel and criticising critics but a lot of Americans still hold views which one can only describe as not just critical of Jews but anti-semitic prejudices. One thing is sure Madoff is responsible for the financial crisis of many Jewish organisations that invested with him! Although it could very well be that many Jews are involved in institutions that were partly responsible for the crisis this does not mean that Jews as a group were responsible for it.

This is from the jewishweek.

An online poll on anti-Semitic attitudes in the wake of the Bernard Madoff scandal suggests more than a third of Americans blame “the Jews” to some degree for the economic crisis.The poll, by two professors at Stanford University, did not distinguish between financiers, corporate CEOs, economists, government officials or others who are Jewish, but simply inquired “How much to blame were the Jews for the financial crisis?” Five answer categories ranged from “a moderate amount” to “a great deal,” with 24 percent giving the strongest answer, and a total of 38.4 percent attributing at least some blame for the biggest financial crisis since the Depression on “the Jews.”


LeDaro said…
Ken, now you will be considered anti-Semitic for posting this. According to this article here
Bernie Madoff was a victim.

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